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Annual Life Insurance

Stop the worrying with Annual Life Insurance.

Annual Life Insurance

You never know what the future may bring. Protect your loved ones’ living standards in your absence with Annual Life Insurance.

*Anyone aged 18–65 may obtain Annual Life Insurance for a period of one year.
*If you have an annual life insurance that is due for renewal at age 65, you can extend this policy until age 75.

Furthermore: accidents, which are not covered by the Accidental Death Coverage, Accidental Disability Insurance or Permanent Disability Coverage – and which may occur under the three following risk conditions – can be placed under coverage by making additional premium payments. Risk types:

  • Accidents that occur while riding or mounting a motorcycle, or a bicycle with an attached motor,
  • Accidents that occur during an earthquake, flooding, volcanic eruption or a landslide,
  • Accidents that occur while doing sports other than occupation activities.

Tax Advantage

Groupama offers deductions on your insurance premiums up to a certain amount pursuant to the current tax laws.

Payment Options

You can index your policy to Turkish lira, US dollar or euro with monthly, quarterly or annual installments and make your premium payments via bank transfer, EFT or credit card.