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Life Insurance

Life Insurance covers you and your loved ones in the face of life’s adversities.

Life Insurance provides financial security to the persons designated by the insured in the event of his/her death. Additionally, coverages, such as permanent disability and permanent total disability, aim to minimize financial losses by making indemnity payments in the event that the insured experiences any problems. With years of experience, Groupama covers you and your loved ones with Life Insurance against life’s adversities. Become familiar with Groupama Life Insurance products to take advantage of the privileges it offers.

Groupama Advantages

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides payment by the insurance company to the persons designated by the insured when the insured dies within the period and conditions set forth by the contract and for a certain premium. Life insurances also cover cases such as permanent disability. Life insurance helps you save by covering you and your loved ones against any unexpected events.

Why Obtain Life Insurance?

In the event of the insured’s death, life insurance aims to provide financial support within the policy benefits to the persons designated by the insured. It also aims to help them maintain living standards in case of a physical disability caused by illness or an accident. Additionally, long-term life insurances offer the insured a chance to accumulate savings.

What does Life Insurance Cover?

Death is the main coverage for life insurances. In that event, the person designated by the insured receives payment in the coverage amount. Life insurance products also have coverages for things like permanent disability and critical illnesses. The insured will also receive payment in the event that these scenarios occur.

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