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Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Groupama FIT (Foreigners In Turkey) provides foreign nationals with health insurance.



  • Inpatient Treatment

    Groupama offers coverage for intensive care and inpatient treatment expenses for all necessary and other services, including physician, operating room, bed and food, companion, all types of medical equipment, medication, and treatment of illnesses and complications within the hospital admission and discharge period for all inpatient treatments with or without surgery.

  • Hospital Bed and Food:

    Groupama offers coverage for physiotherapy expenses following surgery or intensive care.

  • Intensive Care:

    Groupama offers coverage for treatment expenses in the intensive care unit.

  • Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment:

    Groupama offers coverage within the annual limits and limit reimbursement percentages stated in the policy for physician examination; medication and vaccination; all types of laboratory examinations, including X-ray; physiotherapy and rehabilitation; advanced diagnosis methods for outpatient diagnoses and treatments. The coverage also extends to advanced diagnosis methods and medical observation expenses for inpatients and outpatients.

  • Auxiliary Medical Equipment:

    Groupama offers coverage within the annual limits and limit reimbursement percentages stated in the policy for medical equipment for individual use. This includes braces, elastic bandages, orthopedic boots, arch support, corsets, compression socks, neck collars, knee braces, donut cushions, and hearing aids, which of which provide support to the body externally and are used only for medical purpose. It also extends to covering materials used in burn and scar treatment following an accident or illness during the insurance period.*Auxiliary Medical Equipment Coverage is paid by deducting from the outpatient treatment coverage limit.

  • Domestic Emergency Assistance and Medical Consulting:

    Groupama covers you for sudden life-threatening situations. Groupama offers coverage for Emergency Assistance Services* such as on-site response and hospital transfer. This service is available by calling the Emergency Assistance Hotline from within Turkish borders and within regions where the service can be provided.

  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis:

    Groupama offers coverage for chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and dialysis expenses (hospital, medication and physician fees) during treatment of critical illnesses.