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Health Insurance

Health Insurance protects both your health and budget.

Groupama Health Insurance covers you against any health issues that may arise because of an accident or illness. Select your coverage and hospital network according to your needs to receive inpatient or outpatient services at private hospitals. You can also opt for the Complementary Health Insurance to receive services without making a co-payment at SSI-contracted hospitals. You’ll also have the right to get a free check-up with your health insurance using the check-up packages available in both private and complementary health insurance products.

Groupama Advantages

No-Limit Inpatient Treatment

Groupama provides no-limit inpatient treatment at private hospitals.

Family Discount Advantage

The HISS Complementary Health Insurance covers your family with a discount.

Dental Package

Groupama covers you with a range of dental health and treatment services.

Extensive Network of Institutions under Contract

Choose any physician and private healthcare provider under the SSI contract thanks to our extensive network of institutions under contract.

Free VIP Check-Up

Get a check-up done and keep your health under control without making a co-payment.

My 24/7 Doctor

Your doctor is always right by your side with the My 24/7 Doctor service.

Medical Assistance

We are here to help with all emergency and non-emergency situations.

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that reimburses hospital expenses under contract for any health issues that may arise due to a potential accident or illness. The coverage depends on the amounts stated in the policy. Health Insurance addresses diverse needs with various products, such as private health, complementary health or travel health insurances.

What does Health Insurance Cover?

Within the limits stated in the policy, Health Insurance covers the healthcare institution expenses that may arise due to a potential accident or illness. It also covers the diagnosis and treatment expenses of the illnesses. Health insurances offer plans with inpatient-only or inpatient and outpatient options. They can also have additional options added, such as maternity and birth coverages.

Why Obtain Health Insurance?

Health Insurance aims to provide faster and superior services to the insured by eliminating foreseeable future health expenses. The insured can therefore take advantage of diagnosis and treatment services at their preferred hospitals under contract, while avoiding high health expenses and enjoying low premium payments.

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