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Klasik Kasko

Klasik Kasko Insurance provides the coverage most suitable for your light and heavy commercial vehicle.



  • Collisions

    Coverage for material damages that arise when a stationary or moving object involuntarily hits your vehicle; or when your vehicle hits or collides with such an object; or when your vehicle rolls, falls over or overturns; or when third parties cause damage with malicious intent or as a prank.

  • Rollover, burning, theft:

    Coverage for material damages as a result of rollover, burning or theft while in motion or otherwise.

  • Theft with original key:

    A burglar may tamper with your car’s lock system. Not to worry! It is covered.

Optional Coverages

  • Earthquake, flooding:

    We cover damages to your vehicle caused by earthquakes, volcananic eruption, flooding and storm water!

  • 0-km clause, new value coverage:

    In the event of total loss (burning, theft or getting totaled) to your 0-km vehicle within the policy period (maximum 12 months), Groupama will cover the loss based on the on-the-road* sales price at the claim date. The new replacement vehicle will feature the same brand, model, type and accessory features. Available for three years for natural insureds. *On-the-road expression refers to the vehicle’s current cash market value (including taxes, duties and charges), stamp duty for half the year, notary public, license plate number, registration, and other similar expenses (except for the Traffic Policy Premium).

  • Strike, lockout, civil commotion, terror damage:

    Coverage for damage to your vehicle as a result of civil commotion.

  • Damages outside the borders of Turkey:

    We cover the financial loses to your vehicle in case of an accident or damage abroad.

  • Damage from unauthorized towing recovery:

    Your vehicle may be damaged due to unauthorized towing recovery. Not to worry! It is covered.

  • No-claim discount promise coverage:

    For each year that you do not use the casco policy, you will earn a no-claim discount. This increases for each day that passes without damage to your vehicle. No-claim discount generally begins with 40 percent and can go as high as 60–65 percent so long as no damage is sustained. The no-claim discount promise coverage comes into effect at this moment, offering insurance advantage for casco owners who do not want to lose years of no-claim discount because of one incident.

  • Theft with original key, lost key replacement expenses:

    Your car key may become lost or a thief may damage your key system. Not to worry! It is covered.

  • Damage from unauthorized towing recovery:

    Your vehicle may be damaged due to unauthorized towing recovery. Not to worry! It is covered. Replacement Vehicle: Groupama offers a replacement (a minibus or van) while your vehicle is receiving repairs due to an accident or breakdown during the term of the policy.

  • Damage to third parties:

    We cover third party damages incurred in an accident with your vehicle during the term of the policy.

  • Accidental death and disability treatment expenses:

    We cover the treatment expenses in the event of the insured’s accidental death or disability.