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Groupama's Fundamental Principles

All Groupama employees are expected to have and cultivate three essential skills.

  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness
  • Leadership

  • On top of these three essential skills, our employees are expected:
    • To have thorough knowledge about their tasks and to develop themselves continuously in order to master their skills.
    • To deliver their tasks as best as they can and to strive to reach perfection.
    • To achieve the targets expected of them as completely as possible.
    • To create ideas, products and methods that add value and do this on a regular basis.
    • To adapt to changing work conditions before their competitors.
    • To continuously look for ways for improving growth and profitability, collecting data and sharing it with colleagues.
    • To ensure that the teams they manage effectively collaborate to achieve company's targets.
    • To be committed and driven to meet company's targets, have no fear to change, and lead their teams to maximize efficiency.