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Human Resource Practices


At Groupama, all job requirements and expectations are clearly defined. Candidates are assessed based on these job requirements and expectations. We conduct interviews and carry out reference checks and recruit the most suitable candidate.

Compensation Policy

Our compensation policy, which is shaped to recruit new talent and to retain high-performance employees, stands on two pillars.

  • External Balance

    In order to keep competitive, to recruit new talent and to reduce our attrition rate, we take into account compensation policies implemented by other companies in the industry. Accordingly, if deemed necessary, we annually determine the position of our company in the industry in terms of compensation policies, by using services offered by companies that carry out research and studies on compensation policies.
  • Internal Balance

    We follow an equitable approach by taking into account the relationships that exist between tasks performed in our company and powers and responsibilities that they entail.

Based on these two pillars, we develop the compensation policy by taking into account the areas our company wants to expand and develop.

Social Activities

We have a soccer, a basketball and a women's track team, and all these trams train regularly. These teams participate regularly in various tournaments and achieve success.