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Ferdi Kaza
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Ferdi Kaza

Ferdi Kaza Insurance, ensures a compensation payment in an amount you determine to the ones you leave behind in the event of your death, or to you in the event that you become disabled.

If you wish, you can expand your Ferdi Kaza policy plan's coverage by adding accidental disability coverage and/or coverage for treatment expenses incurred following an accident.

  • Individuals aged 18-65 may be included in the insurance; in addition, people between the ages 66-75 can also be included by paying an additional premium (Individuals older than 65 are not provided coverage for Treatment after an Accident or for Daily Accidental Disability).
  • The insurance period is one year.
  • Premium payment options:
    • TL, USD or EUR based
    • Payment through the bank, money transfer, EFT or credit card
  • Furthermore; accidents, which are not covered by the Accidental Death Coverage or Accidental Disability Insurance Coverage and which may occur under the three following risk conditions, can be placed under coverage by making additional premium payments. These risk types are as follows:
    • Accidents that occur while riding or mounting a motorcycle, or a bicycle with an attached motor
    • Accidents that occur during an earthquake, flooding, volcanic eruption or a landslide
    • Accidents that occur while doing sports other than occupation activities