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Welcome to Turkey Visa Travel Insurance

Within the scope of the “Circular Regarding the Health Insurances to be Issued in Visa and Residence Permit requests dated 10/05/2016 and numbered 16” published by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, we present our new product “Welcome to Turkey Visa Travel Insurance” to you.

"Welcome to Turkey Visa Travel Insurance” which was created considering the coverages defined within the scope of the circular provides:

  • Comprehensive and continuous guarantee if you travel to Turkey with visa for touristic or business purposes,
  • Coverage up to 30.000 Euros for the sudden health problems you may encounter in your travels to Turkey.

Coverages We Offer:

  • Medical treatment regarding sudden illness and diseases
  • Enabling travel or transfer to the nearest health institution where the treatment can be given
  • Transfer to the place of residence after being discharged

Groupama Medical Customer Services at 0850 250 50 50.

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