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Groupama Positive Health Plans

You will protect not only your health but also your budget thanks to Groupama Positive Health Plans...

One of our Groupama Positive Health Plans is just for you:

  • Groupama Positive Turkuaz
  • Groupama Positive E
  • Groupama Positive G
  • Groupama Positive K
  • Groupama Positive K1
  • Groupama Positive K2
  • Groupama Positive Alternative F

Secure your health by selecting the most convenient health insurance plan with different scopes and coverages for you or your family. Moreover, budget-friendly premiums and payment options are presented.

You will be able to benefit from many advantages presented by Groupama Insurance, as well as qualified health service from the widespread and outstanding hospital groups across Turkey:

  • We provide those to be insured for the first time with the advantage of cost-effectiveness.
  • Those who are insured for 3 consecutive years and have an average Damage/Premium ratio under 80% shall be entitled to a lifelong replacement warranty with risk assessment.
  • We do not apply additional premium depending on the Damage/Premium ratio after receiving Lifelong Replacement Warranty.
  • In all the Positive plans, we ensure that you benefit from our comprehensive check-up service free of charge.
  • We make a special discount for the children.
  • Thanks to the Premium Protection Coverage provided by Groupama Sigorta, we secure the whole policy premium and repay to you in 6 installments up to the whole amount of policy premium (max. TL 5,000) in case of involuntary unemployment, temporary incapacity or hospitalization.
  • These plans secure you against the potential risks abroad, as well.

Please click for the list of the contracted health institutions where the Groupama Positive Health Plans are valid.

Please click for the list of the contracted institutions where you can benefit from our check-up service .

You can call 0850 250 50 50 ' for Groupama Medical Assistance Services.

You can contact with our agency for our product insurance alternatives with different coverages.

Please click here for contacting with the closest agency.