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Mandatory Earthquake Insurance

Risks that may arise from fire, explosion, tsunami or landslide during and after an earthquake are covered under Mandatory Earthquake Insurance provided by Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP).

The Catastrophe Insurance Law No. 6305 requires the following buildings to be insured:

  • Buildings constructed as dwellings on areas subject to private ownership and have registered title deeds,
  • Independent sections within the scope of The Condominium Law No. 634,
  • Independent sections in residential buildings, used as business establishments, offices and for similar purposes,
  • Disaster homes sponsored by the government or through the loans made available as part of disaster recovery plans.

Buildings that fit the above-mentioned criteria yet haven't been classified and appear under the title of "land, etc." in the land register and for which a construction easement has been established and cooperative houses that have not been issued title deeds are required to be insured under Mandatory Earthquake Insurance.

Residential buildings that have not been issued an independent title deed can be insured based on the statement of the insured and the information on the title deed of the land.

The Mandatory Earthquake Insurance premium is calculated according to the seismic zone, construction structure, gross floor area and year of construction of the building.

You can get more detailed information about Mandatory Earthquake Insurance by visiting http://tcip.gov.tr/

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