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Süper Konut

Groupama's Super Konut Insurance product allows you to get the widest coverage for home, furniture and loved ones against many risks by providing you with the option of choosing the extent of coverage you desire..

You can purchase Groupama's flexible Super Konut Insurance product to get comprehensive coverage against minor and major risks, including, among others, floods, vehicle impacts, insufficient insulation and theft of electronic equipment, and choose the extent of coverage you want to stay within your budget..

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you can get affordable and comprehensive coverage for your home, furniture or loved ones against risks..

You can take advantage of our Home Minor Repair Services if you live in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa or Antalya and have insurance under a Super Konut insurance policy that offers coverage for furniture.

With our Home Minor Damage Repair Services, we are repairing minor damages that may occur to your home or furniture, such as scratches, burns, patches on your furniture, hard floor or rugs and stain removal, for free.

Choose Gorupama's many exclusive offers, such as Groupama Home Emergency Assistance Services and Home Minor Damage Repair Services!

Please contact one of our agencies to learn about insurance solutions and coverage options.

Groupama Home Assistance Services at 0850 250 50 50.

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