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Casco Insurance

Our casco insurance product covers many risks to your car. If you have an MOD insurance, you get financial protection against physical loss/damage to your vehicle.

Why choose Groupama for Casco insurance?
  • In the event of involuntary unemployment, temporary disability or hospitalization, Prim Koruma Teminatı by Groupama Sigorta guarantees the whole policy premium and pays it back in full (max. 5,000 Turkish lira) in six installments.
  • Casco insurance + Groupama's Exclusive Offer* : Groupama is the only insurance company offering an casco insurance that covers the cost of a brand new car with the same features over a period of three years, if your brand new car gets stolen or completely destroyed!
  • If you have a traffic accident or car breakdown, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle so that you can still get around.
  • We are tailoring our offer to your needs by using personal information such as your age, gender, claims history, occupational information, etc.
  • We are offering a service network of more than 1,500 service points for your convenience.
  • We will have your vehicle repaired through our Minor Damage Repair Service so that you do not lose your No Claim Discount.
  • We are offering special advantages with OTO Ekspres’O services.
*The car must be insured under a policy issued by Groupama between date of first registration and the date of damage.

Please contact one of our agencies to learn about insurance solutions and coverage options.

Groupama Vehicle Assistance Services at 0850 250 50 50.

Click here to locate the Groupama agency nearest you.