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Special For Your Vehicle

We are providing a safety net to protect you from any damages that may arise from theft of your car or a car accident you may get involved in, by offering products we customize for your vehicle.

Besides the coverage for damages to your car, you can also get coverage for the damages that you may cause to passengers in another car in a car accident you may get involved in. What's more, you can take advantage of our wide product portfolio, which comes with budget-friendly alternatives and options!


  • Extended MOD insurance , protects you from economic losses you may suffer due to a loss/damage to your car and shields you and passengers in your car from potential risks.
  • Compulsory Traffic Insurance offers you coverage against damage or loss you may cause in a car accident you may get involved in. If third parties suffer any loss of life and property in a car accident you may get involved in, you get coverage based on your role in the accident within the limits specified on your insurance policy.
  • This is a type of insurance required pursuant to Law. No. 2918 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Take advantage of generous terms offered by Groupama and enjoy your ride safely!

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